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How Do Motion Detectors Work?

If you are looking into getting a security system for your home in Frederick, MD, or you are interested in upgrading your current system, there are many features you can choose to have included in your package.  One such feature is a motion...Read More

Overcoming Retail Cybersecurity Threats

Many retail stores in Frederick that find themselves going up against eCommerce giants are becoming more and more competitive by expanding their supply chains. To do this, they also depend on the technology from third parties which can be...Read More

Could A Break-In Be In Your Future?

Most research points to the majority of home burglaries taking place between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm. That includes those that occur right here in Frederick. Why? Well, people are less likely to be home during that period. Some folks are gone to...Read More

Dont Forget To Safeguard Your Property Before Heading Off On Your Fabulous Cruise This Summer

Before people even realize it, the rest of the winter weather will be gone. Spring is fast approaching, and summertime isn't far behind. Once the sunny skies and hot temperatures finally arrive, many, many Frederick residents are sure to be headed...Read More

Your Security Cameras Could Help The Police Solve Crimes

More and more homeowners are electing to have surveillance cameras mounted on the inside and outside of their homes. There are good reasons for people taking this action. According to the FBI, an estimated 1,230,149 burglaries occurred across the...Read More

How Does Cloud Surveillance Lower Total Cost of Ownership?

Security systems are a large capital expense for any business, but the operational, ongoing management, and overall maintenance costs of securing your data may amount to more than you bargained for. In this blog post, we’ll dive into how Alibi...Read More

Outsmarting Your Neighborhood Burglars

The world we’re living in is getting smarter, and burglars are getting smarter right along with it. For homeowners of Frederick, MD this means learning how to outsmart burglars in order to keep your property safe. Luckily, homeowners of...Read More

Is Your Business Making The Most Of Its Security Cameras?

Most businesses of Frederick, MD know that security is important, they may even know much of the value of business security cameras. However, not all are making complete use of their security cameras and all that they have to offer. Your security...Read More

Babysitter Safety Tips for Every Household

If you are a busy parent in Frederick, MD that needs to work outside of the household or you just need a break, then you want to do everything you can to find reliable, trustworthy, and dependable babysitter for your children.  It is important...Read More

5 Ways to Simplify Your Home Security Measures

Whether you are moving into a new home or you are updating the security of your current home in Frederick, many homeowners are looking for simple and straightforward solutions that can help keep their home secure with far less hassle.  In 2018,...Read More

3 Key Benefits of Cloud vs. On-Premise Video Security Systems

Security is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, and it’s become easier than ever to incorporate video surveillance into a security plan. Making sure it meets local network security requirements, ensures video footage retention and is a...Read More

Cyber Safety and Security Tips for Tax Season

Tax season is upon us and it isn't always everyone's favorite time of the year. According to a study done by Javelin Strategy and Research in 2017, nearly one in three consumers were notified that their data had been breached and they were victims...Read More

4 Effective Ways to Secure Your Home this Spring

As a homeowner in Frederick, MD, you should be aware of what can happen if your home gets broken into. You should also take the steps that are necessary to make sure your home is not a target for theft and is as safe and secure as possible. Below...Read More

Home Security Solutions for Independent Living

Many seniors in Frederick choose to remain in the comfort of their homes for as long as they possibly can. However, seniors are often the prime target for thieves because they are considered more vulnerable than others. For this reason, you need to...Read More

Home Security Tips For Summertime Vacationers

Many Frederick citizens plan getaways in the summertime. Of course, there are still a few months before that time arrives, but it is a good idea for them to start making sure their home will be protected now. A lot goes into planning a vacation. As...Read More

Could Surveillance Cameras Be The Solution For Your Store's Shoplifting/Employee Theft Problems?

Frederick retailers have been attempting to nip shoplifting and employee theft in the bud for generations now. Unfortunately, their efforts don't always go according to plan, though. Research from AZ Central indicates that the retail industry loses...Read More

Where Do You Plan To Place Your Home Security Cameras

If you’ve considered investing in home security cameras in Frederick, MD, you are certainly not alone. Security cameras for the home have become increasingly popular in the United States in recent years, with homeowners even finding new and...Read More

The Biggest Threats Facing Retail Businesses Today

Being a business owner can be a freeing and exciting path to go down, but every business owner faces some risks. Chances are, your business is your biggest investment, so you’ll naturally prioritize keeping it protected. However, all too...Read More

How Secure Is Your New Home

Moving into a new home is an exciting experience, especially when it’s your first home. The year 2020 is slated to be a huge one for first-time homebuyers, including those in the Frederick, MD region. There are a lot of things to think about...Read More

Keeping Your Kids Safe With Home Security

If you are a Frederick homeowner with a family, keeping them safe is a number one priority in your life. However, this can be challenging when you are working or away from home. Luckily, there are some things you can do to help keep your family safe...Read More

Beneficial Reasons to Maintain Your Home Security System

A home security system in Frederick won't work if you don't take the time to maintain it to make sure it is operating as it should. It is the same concept of making sure you follow proper maintenance procedures for your car.  From changing the...Read More

Improving Your Home Security with Outdoor Lighting

A good way to boost your home security in Frederick, MD is with the right outdoor lighting. It not only enhances your current home security setup, but it is also a good way to deter intruders, minimize the possibility of hiding spots around the...Read More

How to Stop Your Alarm from Beeping

Did you get a new security system installed recently in Frederick and you are still figuring things out? One of the most frustrating things is when the security alarm starts going off or beeping and you are unsure of how to get it to...Read More

The Many Uses Of A Hidden Camera

Sure, the majority of people know all of the benefits associated with indoor/outdoor security cameras and alarm systems. However, not everyone understands the pros behind owning a hidden cam. The units can be useful for lots of different things. For...Read More

Who Could That Possibly Be At Your Front Door

A doorbell camera can prove to be an excellent tool for Frederick homeowners. For starters, the device can be utilized to screen visitors. Opening the front door for just anyone could prove to be a recipe for disaster. Why? Well, the individual...Read More

Tips To Help Residents Keep Burglars At Bay

While the research often sends a person's mind for a loop, believe it or not, most burglaries happen in the summertime. It is not during the winter when persons have presents under the tree. Rather, the numbers usually start to climb between the...Read More

Could Your Game Room Be A Little Safer?

There are various types of game rooms all across the country, including right here in Frederick. Some offer family-friendly environments where people can hang out and play pool. Meanwhile, others are more geared toward adults with slot machines and...Read More

Be Prepared If Burglars Are Running Amuck In Your Neighborhood

It is not uncommon for some burglars to work alone. They act on opportunity and wait for things like unlocked doors or windows to present themselves before making a move. Then again, the thieves also remain on the lookout for open garage doors. Why?...Read More

Protect Your Property From Liability This Winter

Whether you’re the owner of a business or residential property in Frederick, MD, liability is something to be concerned with. In the winter months, fraud is rampant in the United States, as those who wish to take advantage see plenty of...Read More

Keeping Your Business Secure This Winter

Each season in Frederick, MD comes with its own security concerns. During the summer months, you’re looking at longer days, kids out of school, and more general activity throughout the day. During the winter months, you may be looking at less...Read More

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